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Starting to learn programming is an overwhelming task, due to the numerous amount of languages and technologies nowadays. So, how to start learning to program? I consider this to be the one million dollar question!

I always wanted to learn how to program from the internet years ago. But I…

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Every day we encounter different types of thoughts, some are positive, negative and sometimes we cannot feel anything! And it is an unhealthy feeling that we encounter on a daily basis. …

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We live in a time where productivity and building new habits become a trend. This is good but on the other hand, the problem is that you may be overwhelmed to determine which technique to use to build a new habit. In my case, I have struggled for a long…

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People nowadays are focused on having a good body and building the best shape. Truly, it is good to take care of your body. But for me, I believe that it is more important to build a calm and healthy mental state. You may wonder, having a healthy mental state…

Ahmad Al-Ghamdi

Programming is my passion. Self-improvement is my hobby. Trying to be better each day is my goal.

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