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Starting to learn programming is an overwhelming task, due to the numerous amount of languages and technologies nowadays. So, how to start learning to program? I consider this to be the one million dollar question!

I always wanted to learn how to program from the internet years ago. But I failed in all my approaches. I thought that maybe I am not expected to be a programmer. Later on, I attended a computer science school and studied programming there. Surprisingly, I found programming to be so easy and exciting if you followed the right path.

What does programming mean?

The meaning of programming can be vague for many people and it may confuse others. First, we need to know what does programming means? It is simply to give instructions to the computer to do a certain task, and we use a programming language so the computer can understand what do we want exactly. …

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People nowadays are focused on having a good body and building the best shape. Truly, it is good to take care of your body. But for me, I believe that it is more important to build a calm and healthy mental state. You may wonder, having a healthy mental state? Who cares!

Most of us are unhappy with certain decisions in our life. And as you may have guessed, our choices depend mainly on the state of mind when we have committed those choices.

Importance of choices

Our life is basically composed of actions. Waking up is an action, go for a walk is an action. Therefore, everything we do is basically an action. …


Ahmad Al-Ghamdi

Programming is my passion. Self-improvement is my hobby. Trying to be better each day is my goal.

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